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TiLO The Ultimate

TiLO Microfiber Cleaning Cloth – 19.75 x 13-inch Reusable – Green

TiLO Microfiber Cleaning Cloth – 19.75 x 13-inch Reusable – Green

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  • The Ultimate Cleaning Cloth: If you are looking for a new microfiber cloth that’s gentle with the surfaces but can scoop up even the most stubborn dirt, the TiLO microfiber towels are what you need! These microfiber cleaning cloths are soft, highly durable and efficient on every surface, which makes them perfect for every cleaning job!
  • Superior Quality Materials: TiLO microfiber towels are made in Japan and have the optimal combination of high-quality materials - 50% polyester and 50% nylon, which makes the cloths highly resistant and long-lasting, maintaining their color and shape even after years!
  • Excellent Cleaning Power: Our microfiber cleaning cloths are very soft and gentle with the surfaces but also can clean every stain, dust, grime, dirt, and other impurities without the use of any solutions! The cloths leave the surfaces clean, scratch-free and streak-free, without residues or lint!
  • Effective on Every Surface: These microfiber cleaning cloths can be used on any type of surface, including glass, wood, furniture, upholstery, metal, fabric, tiles or marble, accommodating to any household, industrial, car detailing, or other cleaning needs!
  • Quality You Can Trust: TiLO is brand focused on quality above all. We are careful to work with the highest quality materials and professionals to create safe and effective cleaning products that meet the highest quality standards!

TiLO is a well-established brand focused on providing premium quality cleaning solutions that will never cease to impress in terms of performance and durability. We are working with the highest quality materials and advanced designs to deliver a wide range of safe and efficient products that will make every cleaning job more effective and easy. If you are not entirely pleased with your order, there is no need to worry. We are always at your service to resolve any issues in the shortest possible time.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth – The Ultimate Cleaning Experience By TiLO

Our microfiber cleaning cloths will impress with their cleaning capacity, featuring a special 50% polyester and 50% nylon structure that’s ultra-soft but highly effective on every surface! The soft microfiber cloths are gentle with most surfaces but can remove in no time any dirt, dust, grime, impurities, or residues without leaving behind streaks or lint but a perfectly clean surface. Ditch your old cloths and choose quality above all with TiLO cleaning cloths that can be used for household cleaning, car detailing, industrial cleaning or other purposes.

Still not convinced? Here are some of the amazing features of this product:

Dimensions: 19.75 x 13-inch
Available in Grey, White, Pink, Green, Beige;
50% polyester and 50% nylon;
Made in Japan;
Lint-free and scratch-free;
Streak-free cleaning for a mirror-like finish;
Superior durability and wear resistance;
No foul odors;
Gentle and effective on all surfaces;
Easy cleaning of dirt, dust, grime, oil, stains, stubborn marks, liquids, spills;
Suitable for car detailing, furniture cleaning, upholstery, glass, tile, marble, wood, metal, fabric, and more;
Machine washable;

Cleaning will be much easier and more efficient with the TiLO microfiber cloths!

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